Religious Activities

The school has a mosque and a chapel situated within the school environment. While the Muslims conduct early Morning Prayer followed by Quaranic recitation, the Christians simultaneously conduct early morning service followed by Bible studies. Equally, at 9:00pm the Muslims and the Christians recite the Qur’an and Bible respectively for 30minutes as the last activity before going to bed. Religious Studies are restricted to what is contained in the curriculum only. Friday prayers as well as Sunday service are conducted in the school under the leadership of the IRK and the CRK teachers respectively.


Our students are very keen on sport and take part in various activities, ranging from:

Table tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Hockey, Athletics, Tennis, Handball

Clubs & Societies

Club activities are strongly urged and encouraged for the socio cultural-intellectual health and development of students. Clubs currently available in our school are: Literary & Debating Societies, Art Club, Baseball Club, Swimming Club, Chess Club and The Young Writers Club. The school magazine “Grace Heights” was championed by the Press Club and financed by the school with the aim of raising potential journalists and great writers.

Open Day

The School’s open days holds every term. Parents/Guardians are usually invited to access the performances of their children/wards. During such interactive sessions, various opinions are gathered to help improve performance.